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Fort Sam Houston Caisson Section



The Fort Sam Houston Caisson Section is one of only two active duty, full time caisson units in the Army and was established following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.  An officer from the San Antonio community was killed in the Pentagon and her interment at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery was supported by assets from the Fort Sill Half Section.  Since San Antonio is known as Military City USA, leadership at Fort Sam Houston felt a caisson section would be a valuable asset to the already established Military Honors Platoon.

The offices of the Military Honors Platoon were located in the old Veterinarian building on Fort Sam – the perfect location for the Caisson Section as the stalls and space were already in existence, although a little outdated. There were a total of approximately 39 stalls in the Veterinary complex, but the barn that had been used by the Pentathlon Team hadn’t been used since 1988.  Since the barn had been shut down for 14 years, a major overhaul needed to be completed before the horses could be relocated; that meant all new wiring, plumbing, and stall fronts.  When the job was done, the interior of the barn contained 12 stalls, a feed room, and a tool room.

Originally nine Soldiers made up the Caisson Section; many of which had little or no experience with horses.  One Stablemaster, one farm hand and one part-time farrier rounded out the team put in place to provide this solemn service.  Veterinarian support was, and still is, provided by on-post veterinarians as well as local veterinarian hospitals.

While the Caisson Section is a ceremonial unit first and foremost – dedicated to those Soldiers who have sacrificed their lives while serving their country or have dedicated their lives to protecting our country - it has matured into an organization that serves as a military ambassador to the local community.



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