Home & Family Services

BOSS (210) 221-4242
Better Opportunities for Single Service member gives service members the opportunity to meet new friends, participate in community services activities, and plan recreation and leisure events and trips.

Veterinary Clinic (210) 808-6101
Veterinary Treatment Facility provides care for all Service members pets and government owned animals.
Veterinary Services Brochure

Military & Family Readiness (ACS)

Exceptional Family Member Program (210) 221-2962
Services for families with medical or special needs can find assistance through: Respite Care Assistance, Education Classes, Outreach Services and Community Support.

Family Life Program (210) 221-0349
Stress & Anger Management, Parental education and support, Play groups, Life and Couples classes are just a few of the services provided by the Family Life Program.

Unit Service Coordinator (210) 221-1868
The Unit Service Coordinator (USC) serves as a liaison for the command to the Military and Family Readiness (formerly Army Community Services). The program is designed to provide easily accessible information to assist service members and families in meeting basic needs and improving their quality of life.

Volunteer Resource Program (210) 221-2418
Want to volunteer? This program serves as a central resource for base-wide and local community volunteer activity. It also gives oversight to quarterly, annual, and the Volunteer Excellence Awards. Installation Volunteer Programs, Recognition, and Advisory Council can also be found at the Volunteer Resource Program.

Military Family Life Consultant (210) 627-3183
MFLCs address a variety of issues such as stress, anxiety and deployment. These services are  free & anonymous (no records are (kept), available after hours and weekends.

Mobilization & Deployment (210) 221-0946
Some of the services provided include: Pre and Post deployment, Family Readiness Group (FRG), Family Readiness Support Assistance (FRSA), Commander and 1st SGT Leadership Trainings.

Employment Readiness (210) 221-0516
Improve your odds on getting a job. Employment Readiness gives group and one-on-one lessons to help improve your resumes writing skills, job searches, interviewing skills and more.

Financial Readiness (210) 221-2380
Financial counseling & planning, consumer information, debt & money management classes, car fax and credit reports are some of the topics that the Financial Readiness Program covers.

Relocation Readiness (210) 221-9698
Group training for pre/post moves, Cross-cultural training for bicultural Families, Installation Overviews, Guidance &support before, during & after a move, Lending closet, Sponsorship training, Hearts–Apart, Citizenship & Immigration Services.

Armed Forces Team Building(210) 221-2705
Army Family/Armed Forces Team Building is about mission readiness and family readiness. AFTB teaches families how to adapt and embrace challenges, it also helps service members grow as leaders.

Armed Forces Action Plan(210) 221-2418
To improve military quality of life, forum to voice concerns to military leadership, Annual conference.

Army Emergency Relief(210) 221-1612
The AER is financial assistance organization and is dedicated to assisting Service members and their dependents, by providing emergency aid, in the form of either a direct grant (a cash gift, not to be repaid) or an interest-fee loan, and by giving college scholarships to children of soldiers.