Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP)

Army Career and Alumni Program

2484 Stanley Road, Room B099
JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-5018

Hours of Operation:
 Monday – Friday 0715 - 1600
(210) 221 - 1213

ACAP Services

The Center provides transition counseling and job assistance to Military Members, Department of Defense Civilian Employees and Family Members preparing to leave federal service.  Services and information available in the Center can also be used by soldiers to make informed decisions regarding reenlistment.  Services include pre-separation counseling relating to transition services and benefits; job search training; resume review; a reference library; job fairs; self-assessment tools; job analyzer software; Internet access and referral to service providers. 

Retirees & Separating Soldiers

Retirees are eligible to begin the transition process up to 24 months prior to their projected retirement date.  Separating soldiers are encouraged to begin the process one year prior to their separation date.  Commanders must ensure that every soldier receives pre-separation counseling NLT 90 days prior to separation.  Civilian employees who contemplate leaving federal service for any reason are eligible for services.  Starting early permits maximum use of tools and services while avoiding conflict with mission requirements.


All services are provided are by appointment to ensure counselors, equipment or other resources are available when needed. Call (210) 221-1213 to make an appointment or to obtain answers to your questions.  Additional information on ACAP and much more is available on the web at

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ACAP Capstone Review

ACAP Requirements Checklist and Timeline

For event registration / information call the ACAP Center @221-1213.

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