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Joint Base San Antonio
Army Substance Abuse Program
Office Hours: 0730-1630, M-F
Military Supplies/Specimen Turn In: 0730-1100/1300-1400

Civilian Testing: 0800-1100/1300-1400


The Army Biochemical Testing Program encompasses the Active Army, National Guard and the Army Reserve. The program is a command program, composed of the soldier, the commander, the Unit Prevention Leader (UPL), the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) staff, the Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratories (FTDTL), the Medical Review Officer, and the Staff Judge Advocate. The program has three primary goals:
First, to deter soldiers from abusing drugs (including illegal drugs and other illicit drugs).
Second, as a tool for commanders to assess the security, military fitness, good order and discipline of their commands.
Third, to serve as a basis to take appropriate action, adverse or other (including referral for treatment), with a soldier based on a positive test result.

Army Policy:

In accordance with AR 600-85, Army Substance Abuse Program, drug abuse will not be tolerated and there are serious consequences for such misbehavior.

  1. a. All soldiers, to include ARNG and USAR soldiers ordered to AD, under Title 10, U.S. Code, who are identified as drug abusers, without exception, will-
    1. 1. Be referred to the ASAP counseling center for screening.
    2. 2. Be considered for disciplinary action under the UCMJ, as appropriate.
    3. 3. Be processed for administrative separation in accordance with AR 600-8-24 (for officers and warrant officers) and AR 635-200 (for enlisted personnel).

  2. b. Discharge for misconduct under AR 600-8-24 or AR 635-200, as appropriate, will be initiated and processed to the separation authority for all soldiers involved in illegal trafficking, distribution, possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs. Soldiers will also be considered for disciplinary action under the UCMJ, consistent with Chapter 6, AR 600-85 and Rule for Courts Martial 306, MCM.

  3. c. All ARNG and USAR soldiers ordered to AD will be tested for illegal drug abuse at their reception station.

  4. d. The ingestion of hemp seed oil or products made with hemp seed oil is prohibited.

Testing Rates:

The minimum testing rate is one random sample per AD soldier per year. To the maximum extent possible, USAR and ARNG test rates will mirror the AD rate. Funds available and the needs of the Army, National Guard and Army Reserve determine the amount of testing. In addition, testing rates are based on threat of drugs available within geographic regions, the command emphasis on the program and regulatory requirements for certain job skills and/or positions.