2484 Stanley Road, Building 2263
JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 0715-1600

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Personnel Services

Hours of Operation:
0715-1600 Monday through Friday

Closed for lunch 1200-1300

This World-Class facility provides all installation-level in and out processing under one roof. 

Mon, Wed and Fri
Tue and Thur

For More Information: Call (210)221-9274/1008

Out Processing Soldiers need to bring the following:

eSAT & Sponsorship Survey Certificate

DA 31 Unit Clearance Documents 5 Copies of Orders

Function: Administers installation electronic out-processing system. Processes incoming military personnel to verify accuracy and completeness of their military records, and to ensure soldiers are deployment ready upon reporting to their ultimate unit of assignment. Coordinates with Officer or Enlisted Strength Management Section, as appropriate, to ensure proper assignment of incoming personnel.

Hours of Operation:
Hours of operation: 0715 - 1545 hours MON - FRI Closed 1200-1300

(210) 221-9205

Function: Register vehicles, weapons, bicycles, process traffic citations. Serves as court liaison for FSH.

Off Post Housing - Housing Management Office (HMO)

On Post Housing Information Link:

Housing Management Office (Off-Post Housing):
Building 1161, 3171 Zinn Road
Phone: (210) 221-0881
Fax: (210) 221-8636

The Housing Management Office, assists Soldiers in finding suitable Off-Post Housing in the San Antonio Area. Assistance is provided for PTDY, in home and apartment rentals, purchasing, selling or renting a home, and applying for utility waivers. Rental properties may also be found at
Hours of Operation: 0730 – 1600 Monday – Friday


Hours of operation:
0715 - 1600 MON - FRI

For More Information, call
(210) 221-0534 or (210) 295-8793

Function: Provides in and out processing, separation and retirement, and permanent change of station travel processing. Individual payments processed include PCS travel advances and settlements, advance of military pay for PCS, DITY payments, TLE payments and emergency payments when necessary due to missing entitlements or erroneous collections. During in, out and transition processing soldier accounts are reviewed and corrected to ensure proper and timely payment of military pay and allowances. These include changes in Basic Allowance for housing, family separation and overseas allowances.

Army Active Duty, National Guard, and Army Reserve Travel contact toll free number: 1-888-332-7366

TDY Documents can be faxed to (317) 275-0329



Bldg 2263 (Rm B 110 , Basement)

Front Desk Hours
0730-1600 Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri (closed Holidays)

(must be signed in by 1515)

Wed 0730-1400

(must be signed in by 1345)
Unless otherwise posted

For More Information: Call (210) 221-1605 or Email us at


Function: Arrange outbound shipments and storage of personal property in connection with official orders (PCS, RET/SEP, TDY, Deployment).

INBOUND Customers

Please call your Transportation Service Provider (TSP) if you need to schedule delivery, need to file a claim or have general questions regarding your Inbound shipment.  If you require additional help, please call the Joint Personal Property Shipping Office at 210-321-4200 or email at

OUTBOUND Customers

Customers falling into the following categories MUST read the mandatory briefing and complete a manual shipment request (1) If this is your first move; (2) if this is your last personal property move (retirement or separation); (3) if you are moving property as “Next of Kin” or are a Summary Courts Officer; (4) if you are shipping your goods to a One Time Only (OTO) -uncommon overseas remote location (call us for details).

ALL OTHER shipments and/or Personally Procured Moves (PPM)

MUST be input into the
Defense Personal Property System (DPS)

On-Line Program at

prior to a validation being issued. 

How-to guides for the DPS program can be found at,you can also call the 24/7 Helpdesk at 1-800-462-2176.


Shipping Your POV Pamphlet -

Storing Your POV Pamphlet -

Vehicle Processing Center Website -


2440 Stanley Rd, Bldg 153
Hours of Operation:
0800 – 1600 Mon – Fri (closed Federal Holidays)

For More Information: Call (210) 221-2161/1973

Fax: (210) 221-2550





3171 Zinn Rd, BLDG 1161

Front Desk Hours
0730 – 1530 Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri (closed Federal Holidays)

Wed 0730-1400

For More Information: Call (210) 221-1629/2405/1656/4925 or Email us at


Function: Arrange individual Port-Calls for international travel in connection with official orders (PCS and Deployments).


3171 Zinn Rd, BLDG 1161

Front Desk Hours

0730 – 1530 Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri (closed Federal Holidays)

Wed 0730-1400

For More Information: Call (855) 804-4943

Fax: (888) 918-0590

Emergency After Hours Contact: (855) 324-7648

Function: Provide ticketing for domestic travel in connection with official orders (PCS, TDY and SEP/RET) and leave in conjunction with official travel.