Army Family Covenant

Army Family Covenant

We recognize...

The commitment and increasing sacrifices that our Families are making every day.

The strength of our Soldiers comes from the strength of their Families.

We are committed to...

Providing Soldiers and Families a Quality of Life that is commensurate with their service.

Providing our Families a strong, supportive environment where they can thrive.

Building a partnership with Army Families that enhances their strength and resilience.

We are committed to improving family readiness by...


Standardizing and funding existing Family programs and services.

Increasing accessibility and quality of health care

Improving Soldier and Family housing

Ensuring excellence in schools, youth services and child care

Expanding education and employment opportunities for Family members.




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Jan 30, 2012






Runners, walkers and even dogs take part in New Year’s Eve 5K run


Jan 6, 2011


By Dimice Perry
FMWR Marketing

“We know you had a choice of a lot of different activities for the new year, but we wanted to have the chance to promote some Family fitness activities for you, your Families, your dogs … and really give you something memorable and a way to start your New Year off on the right foot,” said Col. Mary Garr, 502nd Mission Support Group commander, giving a pep talk to runners before the Fort Sam Houston new year’s eve 5K Dec. 31.

According to 502nd Security Forces Squadron and race officials, almost 1,000 people took part in the annual event. Before the race, participants gathered in the Jimmy Brought Fitness Center to enjoy hot cocoa or coffee and were given glow lights, party hats and noisemakers.

At the stroke of midnight, fireworks lit up the downtown San Antonio sky and the participants began their New Year by running or walking at the Fort Sam Houston new year’s Eve 5K. Many attendees brought their children in strollers or their dogs on leashes.

Lt. Col. Madonna Higgins came out to the run to celebrate the new year with friends and her military Family at Fort Sam Houston. Higgins was happy to be at an event where her pets, “Berk” and “Stock,” who wore costumes at the run, were welcome. “These dogs celebrate everything with me,” Higgins said.

There were cancer survivors, marathon runners, kids, dogs and firsttime participants. Donna Walls, a retired nurse, had never before participated in an organized running event, but decided this year to begin her New Year’s resolution to improve her health.

Cornelio Casteno, from Converse, only heard about the race three hours before it began. His mother-in-law heard about it on the radio and called his family while they were eating. He said, “Let’s do it!” The full belly didn’t slow Cornelio down, as he came in first place at 16 minutes, 45 seconds.

After the race, Garr shared a sparkling grape juice toast with runners and declared, “Here’s to a safe, happy and prosperous 2011. HOOAH!”


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