Issue: June 6, 2012

New contractor, vendor access credential requirements forthcoming


By Lori Newman
JBSA-FSH News Leader

Contractors and vendors who require reoccurring access to Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston will soon need access credentials to enter the installation.

In conjunction with Defense Department directives and Air Force Instruction 31-113 Installation Perimeter Access Controls, the 502nd Security Forces Squadron will begin the process of phasing in and enforcement of access control requirements.

“Over the next several months, 502nd SFS will launch a media campaign to inform the Fort Sam Houston and surrounding community on the policy and procedures for obtaining access credentials,” said Curtis Hoosier, 502nd SFS Resource Protection Manager.

An information forum will be held 1 p.m. June 14 at the Roadrunner Community Center for contractor and vendor management and operations personnel. Reservations are required.

A list containing the full name and the name of the company they represent must be sent to the Installation Pass and Identification Office at for all contract personnel who need authorization to enter the installation to attend this information session.

“The process begins with each government organization or tenant on Fort Sam Houston, with oversight of federal contracts or vendor deliveries, appointing a Requesting Authority responsible for approval of applications for Installation Access Credential request submissions,” Hoosier explained.

The RA must be a DOD employee. Requests for RA appointments must be forwarded through the Installation Pass and Identification Office for approval by the 502nd SFS director.

Vendor delivery companies without DOD affiliation, such as FEDEX, UPS, fast-food deliveries requiring reoccurring access can submit requests for credentials through the supporting 502nd Mission Support Group Squadron’s RA. 

Approved RA’s will verify, sign, and forward all AIAC requests to the Installation Pass and Identification office, via email or hand carry to Building 260. 

Once the request has been properly vetted, it will be sent back to the RA who will contact the respective requestors and have approved employees report to Building 260 for credential issuance.

“During the registration phase, extended registration dates and times will be available to ensure all opportunities for access credential issuance is made,” Hoosier said. “Extended registration hours will begin on or about June 18.”

For more information, call the Installations Pass and Identification Office at 221-0213 or email