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The Fort Sam Houston
Claims Office
2440 Stanley Road, bldg 153
Fax 210-221-2550

Mailing Address:
2271 Reynolds Rd.
Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday

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The mission of Claims Division at Fort Sam Houston is to investigate, process, and settle claims against and in favor of the United States. Claims are filed at Fort Sam Houston for loss or damage to real or personal property, physical injury, death or other losses sustained due to Army operations or incident to a soldier’s service.

Contact Us

2440 Stanley Road, bldg 153
Fax 210-221-2550

Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. M-F

Claims Overview Section Title Bar = Claims Overview and Frequently Asked Questions Sections

Outlines the types of claims processed by the Fort Sam Houston Claims Office



Instructions for Submitting your Household Goods/Hold Baggage Claims under the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) and Defense Personal Property System (DPS); Full replacment Value (FRV); and Against the Government under PClaims

Explains the various forms and documentation required to submit your household goods claim.

Download Forms

DD1842 Household Goods Claim
DD1842 Theft & Vandalism Claim
Electronic repair form
Statement from claimant on electric damage

Limiting Car Rental Liability

Explains the ways a government employee can limit liability when renting a car on official status.






Question 1: What are DP3 and DPS?

Question 2: How do I obtain a userid and/or password for the DPS program?

Question 3: After my household goods shipment has been picked up, where can I go to find shipment status?

Question 4: How long do I have after delivery to file my household goods claim?

Question 5: Must I file my claim through DPS?

Question 6: Where do I find guidance for submitting my claim against the TSP in DPS?

Question 7: What if I need help with DPS?

Question 8: Why is the DPS site not responding?

Question 9: What do I do with the Notice of Loss and Damage forms (DD Form 1840/1840R) or the Notification of Loss or Damage at Delivery (1850) and the Notification of Loss or Damage after Delivery forms (1851) the moving company gave me?

Question 10: I submitted the Notification of Loss or Damage within the 75 days. If I discover additional damages or losses, may I claim it?

Question 11: : I had multiple deliveries of my household goods? When is my Notification of Loss or Damage due?

Question 12: Does DPS transfer my claim to the military claims office if I can’t reach agreement with TSP?

Question 13: When may I submit my claim with the Military Claims Office?

Question 14: Do I have to obtain repair estimates or replacement cost estimates to substantiate my claim?

Question 15: Must I allow the TSP to inspect the damages?

Question 16: When can I dispose of destroyed items?


FAQs Personnel Claims

Question 1:Can I file a claim for my television if it is damaged by a power surge in my on post quarters?

Question 2: Can I file a claim if my car is vandalized on post?

Question 3: If my car is hit by another car that leaves the scene of the accident, can I be paid if I can prove it happened on Fort Sam Houston?

Question 4: Another soldier stole my personal belongings. He got an Article 15, but he won’t give me back my property. What can I do?

Question 5: Where can I go if I have other claims questions?
Some DPS questions are answered at the DPS portal,  There is an FAQ link in the upper right-hand corner.  For further assistance and general claims questions, you may call the Fort Sam Houston Army Claims Office at 210-295-2161/1973.


OGE 450 Filers - In order to ensure 100% ON-TIME COMPLIANCE the deadline for filing the Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE 450) for all ASA and ARNORTH filers is 11 FEBRUARY 2014. The deadline for filing is mandatory
unless an extension is granted by an ethics counselor, IAW JER, par. 7-303(c).

Requests for extensions shall be submitted in writing (e-mail suffices) to Ms. Maribel Mercado, Mr. Young J. Park or Mr. John K. Weis by 11 FEBRUARY 2014.

Late filing of confidential reports will be handled administratively.

Real Estate Reimbursement: (RER): Civilian employees who have questions about the processing of RER claims please click here to get information on our real estate reimbursements web page, or contact us at 210-221-2373.


Questions about Ethics:  Click here for information on our Ethics web page.


Units or Directorates that require ethics training:  Please call 210-221-2373 for scheduling.


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