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NEW ACCESS PROCEDURES:  JBSA-Fort Sam Houston (JBSA-FSH) is implementing the first three phases of a five phased plan to process 100% of all contractor/vendor and visitor population requiring access to the FSH Main through Walters or Scoot Visitor Control Center (VC).  The Walters VC services the south end of JBSA-FSH, including the Interstate 35 corridor; and the Scott VC, services the north end of JBSA-FSH, including Highway 281 and Interstate 410 corridors.

Phased implementation plan

Phase 1:  Contractors & Vendors

      1. Start Date: Immediately
      2. Process:  Contractors and vendors will be sent to Walters and Scoot VCCs to obtain proper credentials
      3. Implementation Date:  1 Jan 14

Phase 2:  Special Access List

      1. Start Date:  Immediately
      2. Process:  Request all FSH Senior Mission Partners provide 502 SFS with a list of personnel they wish to grant access by 15 Jan 13
        1. Includes DVs, Wounded Warriors, Business Personnel with frequent meetings, etc
      3. 502 SFS will deliver badges/access credentials back to the unit submitting the names by 15 Mar 14
      4. Implementation Date:  31 Mar 14

Phase 3:  Full Visitor Control Center implementation at FSH Main

      1. Implementation:  30 Apr 14

Phase 4:  SAMMC/BAMC Campus - TBD
                        Phase 5:  JBSA-Camp Bullis - TBD (facility constrained)

1. Access to Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston (JBSA FSH). Person(s) not in possession of a valid access credential must enter JBSA FSH installations through the following entry control points:  Walters Street, Harry Wurzbach East, SAMMC IH35, Camp Bullis and Jadwin (commercial vehicles only)

  1. Walters Street
  2. Harry Wurzbach East
  3. BAMC/I35
  4. Camp Bullis
  5. Jadwin (commercial vehicles only)

Persons in possession of the below approved access credentials may enter through any entry control point: DoD CAC ID card, Teslan card (Retiree, Family Member ID, PIV), Defense Biometric Identification (DBIDS) Card/Pass (approved for JBSA FSH)
2. Obtaining an access credential. Non-DoD persons requiring entry to JBSA FSH must be sponsored by an authorized DBIDS registered DoD ID card holder. Sponsors must notify the 502d Security Forces Visitor Control Center NLT 10 days prior to the requested entry date.
Contractor/Vendors and Non-Medical Attendees requiring access must be sponsored by an authorized Requesting Authority (Sponsor or Authorizing Official) in writing or via email from a .mil address to the Visitor Control Center. An Application for an Installation Access Credential will be submitted by the Requesting Authority to the Pass and Registration office.

DBIDS registered DoD ID Card holders will use the Entry Authority List when applying for access of Daily Visitors, Sponsored Visitors, and personnel attending Special Events.
The following non expired documents may be used as proof of identity for vetting and access credential issuance: United States Passport, Permanent Resident Card/Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551)Foreign Passport with a temporary (I-551) stamp or temporary (I-551) printed notation on a machine readable immigrant visa., An employment authorization document that contains a photograph (Form I-766) Current/Valid Driver’s License. Identification card issued by Federal, State or local Government Agencies, U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Legacy Cards, U.S. Coast Guard New Merchant Mariner Credential, Approved Department of Defense (DoD) Privilege Card Holders, Veterans Identification Card (VIC)
3. Media Access. Media and official tours must contact the 502 ABW Public Affairs office for access coordination. Entry will not be authorized without prior notification and escort assignment.
4. Parking. Parking for graduation ceremonies is authorized adjacent to the parade grounds however, some spots may be reserved for handicap and VIP personnel.

For more information, please contact the Visitor Control Center at (210) 221-2650/2651, or email


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