The 106th Signal Brigade traces its history back to Birmingham Army Air Base, Alabama where it was constituted as the 932d Signal Battalion and activated on 15 February 1943 with the mission of supporting Army Air Corps operations. The following month, it was affiliated with the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. In April 1944 the 932d was reorganized and re-designated as the 932d Signal Battalion, Separate (Tactical Air Command). The 932d served in Europe during World War II earning five campaign streamers there. The unit returned to the United States in October 1945 and was inactivated at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey.

The 932d was activated again on 12 August 1963 at Camp des Loges near Paris, France and re-designated as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 106th Signal Group as part of US Army Europe. It was later assigned to US Army Strategic Communications Command (USASCC) on 1 July 1964. The unit remained in France until March 1967 when it was relocated to Stuttgart, Germany. The 106th was inactivated in Germany in November 1967.

On 16 October 1991, the 106th was again activated, this time in Corozal, Panama, re-designated as the 106th Signal Brigade, and assigned to US Army Information Systems Command (USAISC) providing strategic and tactical communications support to the US Army South (USARSO) and US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM). The Brigade was later inactivated in October 1997 as part of the provisions of the Panama Treaty of 1977 as all US forces left Panama.

On 16 July 2008 the 106th Signal Brigade was reorganized and activated again at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, as part of the 7th Signal Command (Theater) with a new mission, to secure and defend the western portion of the CONUS LandWarNet, exercising capabilities in support of current operating and generating force requirements and operations. The 106th also provides oversight for the DOIM LandWarNet operations and synchronization, which will seamlessly integrate all network service providers. The end state is to provide commanders and war fighters 24 hour access to LandWarNet capabilities and the Global Collaborative Environment by 2010.



Mission Statement: 106th Signal Brigade conducts DODIN-A operations to enable the Unified Network for Army Warfighting and Training Commands to project combat power.

Vision Statement: Trained and Disciplined Team that provides a Resilient, Assured Unified Network.

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